Please contact your district coordinator to register for the

Regional Tech Competition

$10 Per Student


Students may choose to compete in one of the following categories:


Categories are grouped by grade level:

  • Grades 3-4

  • Grades 5-6

  • Grades 7-8

  • Grades 9-10

  • Grades 11-12

Projects for each category must be unique and cannot be entered in more than one category. Students may only participate in a SINGLE project category. Projects may consist of an individual student or a team of two students. Students will upload project materials and documentation to the regional STEM Wizard site prior to the deadline. This will give judges access to their materials. Be sure to review the state guidelines for video submissions prior to submitting your materials.

A school district can only submit 1 project per category-grade level. For example, a district can only register 1 project for 11-12 Graphic Design.

Projects are to be designed and created by students. Some adult guidance is allowed, but it must be clear that all work entered by students was done by the students. Any non-student produced materials MUST be documented with proper written permission (not just citation).


​The following video outlines the basics of copyright and fair use. Students MUST document any work they did not create. In many cases, they will also need to receive permission and show documentation.


The awards will be posted to the website within a few days after the judging period closes.

All students will be notified via STEM Wizard once the results have been published. All winners will receive additional information related to the state competition after the winners are announced.